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Guest mix_Chris Davis by Testtoon_Records on Mixcloud

“Wonderful spaced out pulsating Ambient excursions” (Hardwax)

“RSOT has created an LP of rich textures and warm soundscapes. Curiously the album contains a number of tracks that have quite a nice DJ quality” (Igloomag)

“Het is een genremengeling van jewelste waarin hoofdzakelijk krautrock en techno vermengd wordt met andere ultravertraagde post-hedonistische hoofdpijnstampers” (Gonzo Circus)

A double gatefold, mastered to subtle perfection by Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, RSOT delves even further into his own unique mix of the subtly trancey, emotionally driven and understated forward motion of his previous productions. As always, his tracks have an undeniable song quality, the emotions within referencing the small and mundane, whilst the inspiration behind often references a so-called bigger picture. The whole album fades in and out of focus and attention, giving its different parts room to breathe and develop.

‘Melody Attack’ is RSOT’s own dark, elegiac version of what, for sake of simplicity, could be called 90’s IDM or Ambient Techno. His is an appealing darkness that does not forbid the sun to shine through. Its sense of isolation is filled with compassion for the one isolated. This is post-dancefloor music for post-dancefloor use. An ambitious, purposely ambiguous musical stream of consciousness that never cuts ties with its past, but offers a new and intricately organized perspective that makes it modern to a tee.

All synths/loops/delays by RSOT
Recorded summer 2012 till May 2013
Mixing/editing/rebuilding October 2012 till May 2013 by RSOT and Jimmy Vanrietvelde

Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Now available at Clone or your regular record shop/mailorder:

‘Building Houses’, the original will feature on the ‘Melody Attack’ album to be released later this year, has been re-imagined by Machinefabriek as a heavily sound-based piece that escapes easy definition. The remix has an improvised flow and thus a very natural feel to it. The track sets its own limits but crosses them time and again. A languid melody line on top gives a sense of emotional direction, but its rhythmic energy hints at the track being stuck in an echo chamber, whilst bouncing off the walls and off itself.

Vindicatrix delivers two remixes of ‘Building Houses’. His informed idiosyncrasy dwells through these two tracks, linking them to the darker side of Techno, UK Bass and post-rave culture. Both tracks have a broken feel to them, delivering their message in jolts and bouts, whilst ending things up with a strong sense of ecstatic relief.

This release will be digitally available via our bandcamp site at the end of May.

Exai lp (warp)

Colofon & Compendium 1991-1994 lp (sub Rosa)

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Timon Irnok Manta lp (Type)

Joris Van De Moortel
Bats Pats Boem Ping lp (Joris Van De Moortel)

No Artists
Sounds Of Steam Railroading lp (P. Winston Link Railway Productions)

Tod Dockstader
Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol.1 lp (Mordant Music)

Ivo Malec
Triola Ou Symphonie Pour Moi-même lp (RGM)

Ike Yard
Ike Yard lp (Desire Records)

Egisto Macchi
Voix lp (The Omni Recording Corporation)

Touch . 30 Years And Counting lp (Touch)

You can now find all our music on Bandcamp for digital downloads. If you do not use Bandcamp but would like to buy digital (and can pay via IBAN banktransfer), contact us through mail [at] testtoon [dot] com.

The ‘Crossing A Frozen Sea 12″‘ will be digitally available April 22nd.

Thanks for the support.

End of March will see the release of a 12inch featuring one original Red Stars Over Tokyo track and a remix by the acclaimed Magazine collective from Cologne.

‘Crossing a Frozen Sea’ is a 20-minute long Ambient track that seems to reference the alienation of the Residents’ Eskimo album, but quickly turns into an almost driving and kind of staccato elegy, frozen in time between a definite 90′s Intelligent Ambient influence and an understated reference to 80′s Industrial music.
The Magazine remix gives ‘Crossing a Frozen Sea’ a bit more of a forward momentum. The 90′s Intelligent Ambient and Techno influence remains firmly in place, but a liquid bassline and some melodic syncopation give the remix its undeniable Magazine touch.

In January 2013 we released Artificial Horizon, a track from the early 80′s by the obscure English band Shoc Corridor. The music of Shoc Corridor is like a brooding, progressive lullaby. On their first ‘Experiments in Incest’ album and with their original line-up, they created dark, sound-based short stories, focusing heavily on mood and texture.

From this debut album we lifted the instrumental ‘Artificial Horizon’, simply because it has not lost any of its original, otherworldly power. For a long time now, we at Testtoon have been convinced that this track needed a 12-inch release and so here it is, in all its rhythmic and engaging glory.

Remix duties are performed by the inimitable Mordant Music who takes the track into his own unique universe, delivering a bubbling, industrial and spacious rework whilst touching upon Dubstep and the rougher end of modern-day Techno music. The Belgian experimental House music band Bepotel takes ‘Artificial Horizon’ into nu-House territory, syncopating the original into a staccato and extremely appealing, although deceiving, dancefloor burner. Testtoon artist Oubys delivers a driving, modern Techno remix, heavily based on the original, channeling his trademark free-spirited approach through a range of short-cut percussive sounds and Ambient atmospheres.

By the end of March, Testtoon will release the first of two 12inch’s by the Belgian Red Stars Over Tokyo. Watch out for more updates on this one.

Listen to ‘The House of Erased Dreams’, released earlier on RSOT’s own Hot Hair records.

Belgium dark ambient label Testtoon treat us to a remix EP featuring extended cuts of ‘Positronium II’ the highlight of Ouby’s Testtoon debut ‘Terra Incognita’. Here we’re treated to a Substance remix of the track as well as two variants by the artist himself. The substance mix is a dark, industrial affair that is surprisingly tuneful considering it’s made up of the sound of sheet metal colliding over a walls of mechanical and thumping bass. It’s kinda rocking too in a post punk kinda way. Flip it and Oubys gets a stab at editing his own jamz which he does with pure style. The first track acts as a prelude to ‘Positronium II’ and has a tense synth driven feel that brings to mind John Carpenters eerier incidental pieces for his madcapped action adventure Big Trouble In Little China. This is topped off with some ultra nasty saw-like synth tones and dramatic stabs that give the listener a guaranteed sense of impending doom and sets us up righteously for his ‘Positronium II’ remix. Here melodic smatterings pounce in ans out of this decidedly cold industrial rhythm piece that again, makes great use of a pulsing euro-electro bassline and ear shredding saw synths. Brian is fucking shitting himself with joy over in the corner. I’m also pretty pleased

Norman Records

Mitlt is taken from the album “Terra Incognita”, Testtoon Records 2011

‘Terra Incogita by Oubys is the first release on Testtoon Records.
Following up on his two acclaimed CD releases on the U-Cover label, ‘Terra Incognita’ delves into even more vast territory.

Essentially exploring different spaces and different modes of energy, ‘Terra Incognita’ uses a distinctly analogue production and mastering design to lure the listener into a trance-like lullaby, a hypnotic state of altered consciousness if you will. At the same time though, the music plays with a direct expression of organic elements, earthing the listening experience, thus giving it a solid base. The sound of the album should be felt, should be experienced. At maximum volume or at low volume, a beautiful paradox reveals itself. A continuous counterpoint of energy materializing and matter being transformed into energy draws this music into different directions all the time.
Mellow washes alternate with sharp, almost piercing sounds, deep sub-tones alternate with hiss. Oubys’ intention is to confront and subdue, to make space be felt and to translate and transmit energy.


Peel Seamus
Chatsubo (Delsin)

Rods From God (Apparent horizon)

Shoc Corridor
Artificial Horizon (Testtoon)

Crystal Maze
Enter The Maze (aDepth Audio)

Ultrawelt (Other Heights)

Red Stars Over Tokyo
At The End Of August (Testtoon)

Four Hands
November 2011, North Northumberland (Zoviet France Dub) (Signals)

Inside Cloud RMX_Out Surface (Testtoon)

Lick (Ampoule)

Global Communication
7:39 (Link And E621 Appliance Of Science Mix) (Dedicated)

Images (7th Sign Recordings)

Faith (Dark Entries)

Summerian Fleet
Just Pressure (Creme Organization)

The Misz
The Spinach Of Kiev (Part 2) (Walhalla)

DX Days (CLone)

Bochum Welt
La Nuit (Kromode)