After hearing Oubys playing live at Beurrschouwburg in Brussels somewhere in the spring of 2010, I was completely blown away and wanted to release his music. The tracks he played back then were Positronium I and II.

So I set up a label together with my girlfriend and my brother. January 2011, the “Terra Incognita” lp came out and it has been lots of fun since.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the beginning and still…

“Testtoon are doing what very few labels are. True the sounds of Ambient and Industrial are having a revival, but in many respect they are being relegated to digital releases. The Belgian imprint are bringing to wax evocative and engaging electronics and giving new artists the full vinyl treatment.” (Igloomag)

“Lots of labels are full of hype and promo but are depressingly thin on substance. Testtoon Records is just the opposite. Since they launched in 2011 they haven’t received that much attention, and most of their output has come from two lesser known artists: Oubys and Red Stars Over Tokyo. Sooner or later I think more people will notice what they are doing, as they are slowly building a strong discography of quality releases.” (Chris from mnml ssgs)

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