Belgium dark ambient label Testtoon treat us to a remix EP featuring extended cuts of ‘Positronium II’ the highlight of Ouby’s Testtoon debut ‘Terra Incognita’. Here we’re treated to a Substance remix of the track as well as two variants by the artist himself. The substance mix is a dark, industrial affair that is surprisingly tuneful considering it’s made up of the sound of sheet metal colliding over a walls of mechanical and thumping bass. It’s kinda rocking too in a post punk kinda way. Flip it and Oubys gets a stab at editing his own jamz which he does with pure style. The first track acts as a prelude to ‘Positronium II’ and has a tense synth driven feel that brings to mind John Carpenters eerier incidental pieces for his madcapped action adventure Big Trouble In Little China. This is topped off with some ultra nasty saw-like synth tones and dramatic stabs that give the listener a guaranteed sense of impending doom and sets us up righteously for his ‘Positronium II’ remix. Here melodic smatterings pounce in ans out of this decidedly cold industrial rhythm piece that again, makes great use of a pulsing euro-electro bassline and ear shredding saw synths. Brian is fucking shitting himself with joy over in the corner. I’m also pretty pleased

Norman Records